Tel Aviv 80′s Galore

1/09/ 2014, 7:20 pm Miri Davidovitz, Photography 3

Tel Avivian photographer Miri Davidovitz was documenting nightlife and subculture in the city’s 80′s club scene. Inspired by British fashion and magazine photography Davidovitz’s images are bold and raw, with contrasting almost blinding flashes, sometimes even out of focus.
This strong body of work, which is critical for anyone interested in the city’s cultural history, will be shown at the Eretz Israel Museum in a new exhibition titled: “Rock ‘N’ Black – Blowout in the 80′s clubs”.

The exhibition will be open to the public on September 15th, 2014.


Castro’s Orient Exspress

20/08/ 2014, 8:08 pm Castro 9

As the fashion industry is changing rapidly designers today travel often. From Istanbul to Delhi, Beijing to Porto, Hong Kong to Tel Aviv (via Paris or London) those journeys are a constant flow of influence on the glocal fashion designer.
EAST-WEST-EAST is the name of Castro‘s new collection dedicated to those constant designers’ journeys and to their inspiration. Mediterranean caftans were introduced next to short and chic kimonos, oriental carpet textures, ikat patterns all mixed up into a clean, modern and smartly elegant collection (which is sold already on Castro’s website).

קסטרו תצוגה סתיו חורף 2014-15 צילום אבי ולדמן_048_1 קסטרו תצוגה סתיו חורף 2014-15 צילום אבי ולדמן_045_1 קסטרו תצוגה סתיו חורף 2014-15 צילום אבי ולדמן_042_1 קסטרו תצוגה סתיו חורף 2014-15 צילום אבי ולדמן_039_1 קסטרו תצוגה סתיו חורף 2014-15 צילום אבי ולדמן_036_1 קסטרו תצוגה סתיו חורף 2014-15 צילום אבי ולדמן_002_1קסטרו תצוגה סתיו חורף 2014-15 צילום אבי ולדמן_066_1 קסטרו תצוגה סתיו חורף 2014-15 צילום אבי ולדמן_062_1 קסטרו תצוגה סתיו חורף 2014-15 צילום אבי ולדמן_060_1 קסטרו תצוגה סתיו חורף 2014-15 צילום אבי ולדמן_055_1 קסטרו תצוגה סתיו חורף 2014-15 צילום אבי ולדמן_054_1

The Mood Of Time

2/08/ 2014, 8:10 pm Annie Leibovitz, Prada 5

You can always count on Miuccia Prada to set the tone and express the mood of time.
Annie Leibovitz shot Prada’s menswear Fall/Winter 2014 campaign, where Scottish actor James McAvoy is starring next to concrete walls and a very moody backdrop.


The Florist

12/07/ 2014, 7:36 pm Olivier Langhendries 5

Olivier Langhendries is a Belgian artist, model, florist and now also a fashion designer.
After working in the fashion industry for years Langhendries is launching his own first capsule collection.
All shirts are made in Italy and 100% white cotton, printed with floral designs and available in different colors. Langhendries’, an ex-florist and a graduate of Floral Design Management studies, surprises his costumers with a small bag of flower seeds, attached to every pack, spreading some floral magic.

Presentation1 Olivier Langhendries SS15 Presentation Olivier Langhendries SS15

Boys Of Shenkar

10/07/ 2014, 8:24 pm Shenkar 4

Not less than 9 men’s collections (out of 40!) were presented this week in the graduate show of the Department of Fashion Design at Shenkar College. A very fine and impressive harvest which differs in style and quality, but unites in a a certain matureness that will hopefully boost the local men’s fashion scene.
Here a few of The Garçonnière’s favorite looks:

Tal Stern
Orit SteinOrit_Stein_for_Shenkar_2014_photo_Rafi_Daloya_(12)Orit_Stein_for_Shenkar_2014_photo_Rafi_Daloya_(9)
Noga Winokur Noga_Winokur_for_Shenkar_2014_photo_Rafi_Daloya_(14)Noga_Winokur_for_Shenkar_2014_photo_Dudi_Hasson_(1)
Adi Hakimian

Mika Efrati
Nathen HamaouiNathen_Hamaoui_for_Shenkar_2014_photo_Rafi_Daloya_(16)Dan EilonDan_Eilon_for_Shenkar_2014_photo_Rafi_Daloya_(19)Donna WeinbergDonna_Weinberg_for_Shenkar_2014_photo_Rafi_Daloya_(8)Rona ShahakRona_Shahak_for_Shenkar_2014_photo_Rafi_Daloya_(11)Rona_Shahak_for_Shenkar_2014_photo_Rafi_Daloya_(14)And one for the future generations – Einav DalvaEinav_Dalva_for_Shenkar_2014_photo_Rafi_Daloya_(9)

The Latest

Tel Aviv 80′s Galore

Tel Avivian photographer Miri Davidovitz was documenting nightlife and subculture in the city’s 80′s club scene. Inspired by British fashion
מייקרס אאוטלאט של קום איל פו צילום שני סקרלט קגן (6)

When quality meets discount

One outlet, over 20 designers and one amazing space, that's the new Comme il Faut store in Herzelia.


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