Impressions From Design Week Milan

14/04/ 2014, 1:49 pm Design, Milan 7

A visit to Milan during the Salone del Mobile is always a great visual sensation. Innovative design in beautiful historical locations filled with many elegant people.
Here are some of the highlights as seen by The Garçonnière in Milan last week:


Stylish and brilliant design duo Formafantasma


Marcel Wanders at Moooi grand presentation


Team Rossana Orlandi before the traditional dinner

photo 1

HAY Mini Market was not to be missed


And HAY bags were seen all over town


Bart Hess installation in Palazzo Clerici


Rossana Orlandi – a Milanese style and design icon

photo 2

Street style isn’t hard to find


Marcelo Burlon in his new stunning showroom


Charming Sergio Riva of Dilmos gallery


Villa Necchi (where the movie “I Am Love” was shot)

photo 3

Popping from Paris to Milan


Sartorial pleasures in every corner


One more cup of coffee ‘fore I go
To the valley below

The Proof Is In The Denim

4/04/ 2014, 7:19 pm Denim, Diesel 2

The historical Arsenale in Venice was the location chosen by Nicola Formichetti to present his version to the future of Diesel.
Denim is still the main feature of the company and it seems Formichetti enjoyed experimenting and taking it into a new level.
Denim was celebrated in Punk, street-wear, rock ‘n’ roll, leather and even more dapper style as Formichetti successfully presented a victorious debut collection for Diesel.

diesel_fw14_fy15 diesel_fw14_fy13 diesel_fw14_fy12 diesel_fw14_fy3 diesel_fw14_fy2diesel_fw14_fy17 diesel_fw14_fy34 diesel_fw14_fy33

Samy Deluxe

3/04/ 2014, 1:31 pm Design, Samy D 4
Sammy D by Yaron Eini1

A true renaissance man, Samy D. is a multidisciplinary artist and designer, working in his Tel Aviv studio since 1997. D. has established his reputation in recent years as a leading ceramic artist and designer though his work includes also interior design, fashion design (new men’s collection soon?) and unique collaborations with different artists

(Photo by Jan Cohen)

If you are in Tel Aviv this week there is not too much chance you can avoid one of his projects. On April 1st he opened a new stunning exhibition at The Farm Gallery in Holon, as part of the Holon Design Week.
For the exhibition “Golden Age” Samy D. created a unique collaboration with video artist Ronen Sharabani. The exhibition plays on the seamline between memory and reality and produces a chilling encounter that challenges the myth of ‘golden childhoods’.

Sammy D by Yaron Eini2
Sammy D by Yaron Eini1
(photos above by Yaron Eini‏)

Visitors to the exhibition can also see a preview of Samy D.’s new collection titled Pompei. Tableware from this collection will be showcased at Samy D. Black, his new pop-up concept store to be opened April 3rd (running till May 2nd).

Never a dull moment for a talent full of inspiration – follow Samy D. for more exciting news this year…

Video Art Director: Jan Cohen
Photography: Jan Cohen
Creative Director: Samy D.
Editors: Dror Shohet and Omri Harel


The Elegant Eye

28/03/ 2014, 7:08 pm Gadgets 2

Nostalgic aesthetics are not always cheesy, especially when they are equipped with a new HD camera. This beautiful object of desire comes from the Japanese camera maker Chinon, introducing the Bellami HD-1, an homage to the company’s 8mm cameras from the 1970s.
The new camera has a 2.1 megapixel sensor and ability to use a variety of modern and vintage lenses. Though currently available only in Japan The Garçonnière is already working on the script of his Nouvelle Vague film.

Bellami-HD1-Camera-01-630x420Bellami-HD1-04-630x420 Bellami-HD1-03-630x420

Barbie Boy

20/03/ 2014, 5:08 pm L’Officiel Hommes 2

Magazine L’Officiel Hommes presents the best of spring-summer collections. Model Anders Hayward poses like ken, styled by Romain Vallos and photographed by Andrew Hail. Enjoy first day of Spring with Barbie Boy.

700x954xanders-hayward-photos-001.jpg.pagespeed.ic.GQac4yv2mV anders-hayward-photos-002  anders-hayward-photos-004 anders-hayward-photos-005 anders-hayward-photos-006 anders-hayward-photos-007 anders-hayward-photos-008  anders-hayward-photos-010

The Latest

Goodies, 5 Tchernichovsky Street, Tel Aviv

“Every flavor has a story, behind every material there is a person and inside each barcoded product there are fascinating
eli 2

Value for money

During a meeting with two representatives from one of our favorite online platforms, L’ArcoBalenco, we got introduced to the design
Shai Tsabari שי צברי

Shai Tsabari /// Kashe Ba’Layla (Hard At Night)

All the words in the world can’t really describe the true feeling of the first real spring days that comes
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