The Garçonnière’s Holiday Gift

18/12/ 2014, 6:43 am EAST DANE 5

Following a short radio silence The Garçonnière is back with some exciting news from the world of men’s fashion. Today The Garçonnière launches a very special holiday collaboration with EAST DANE, a favorite destination for online shopping.
Launched in 2013 as the brother site to, East Dane has a thoughtful, straightforward approach to men’s fashion.  The Garçonnière is truly excited to have the chance to offer two readers a $ 100 gift card each to spend on East Dane.
How does that work?
Check the East Dane site, choose your favorite item (whether it is from the sports coats department, the 50% Off Men’s section or any other department). Then post your link in the comment section below with your mail.
Submit your link of choice by Wednesday, December 24th.
Happy Holidays!
And this is The Garçonnière’s list of favorite items:

1. Band of Outsiders
2. Carven
3. Patrik Ervell
4. WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie
5. Camo
7. Grenson

This giveaway is a partnership with Nak Online Branding, with a prize of an East Dane gift certificate.

Fashion Shower

12/11/ 2014, 9:18 pm art 5

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is no stranger to provocative installations, only this time he received a shipment of garments from 14 up-and-coming fashion designers, with instructions to photograph the clothes for the readers of V magazine.
“Pouring a color on an outfit creates a new condition for the design” said the artist in a statement to V magazine “It creates a midpoint between two conflicting ideas. Gravity and the shape of the clothes combine to create a unique moment”.
The result of this unique will be shown in Dover Street Market New York, next to the clothes from 14 up-and-coming talents including Craig Green, Phoebe English, Hood by Air and more.


68fae32bc90bba920efcc61c717e2e72Hood By Air



348da3fdec412b6f82a5b8352c5e059bGosha Rubchinskiy

711a9d3c908b53d3c6c22eb8cacd8aabLee Roach

4f65b8687689c6c1052dd4c1563d5ec0Shaun Samson

d2cd8bbd4941c824d083d65dea43406bProper Gang


This is a Man’s Man’s Hat

8/11/ 2014, 9:34 pm Hats 6

It is always refreshing to meet a new designer who creates fashion in high level and traditional techniques while not forgetting the men’s needs. Meet designer Yael Cohen, a graduate of the Design & Art in HIT, who blends in her work design, art & fashion. Her interest in millinery has brought her to create Justine Studio where all hats are hand crafted in the old art of traditional hat making.

BASIN POLYGON-web HARRY BLUE-web HARRY GREY-webJEN_4755-webHi Yael, can you describe your design process?
“My design process starts with a focus on shape where I try to break out from known constraints and iconic shapes i.e. fedora hats, visor caps & wool hats. I then add in various raw materials I work with – felts in combination with knitted wool or leather, cotton printed with my designs”.
From the current collection Yael highlights the smart Grace Rain Hat – a water resistant hat that can be crumpled into a bag. This rain hat is made from Taybek (a lightweight hybrid material combining textile and paper) printed with a knit-like matt grey design.

JEN_3004-web JEN_3008-web What is it about men’s fashion that make you keep making hats for us?
“I find the territory of men’s millinery fashion very challenging due to two main reasons: first – low supply of men’s hats globally as milliners prefers women’s hat fashion that has a much larger demand and has more design options. Second – from a design outlook men’s hats are traditional & old fashioned”.


The Collector

16/10/ 2014, 8:06 pm art 9

Recreating the 1968 Parisian apartment of an anonymous art collector is the set to Helly Nahmad gallery’s installation at the Frieze Masters fair. The gallery statement offers “an imaginary journey through one man’s life and spirit . . . a diary so intimate and personal, the collection is a mirror of the man”.
The gallery’s stand in the fair was spotted by a London loyal Garçonnière (Hi Gili! thanks for the photos) and received many praises by the international press, highlighting the trend to design a gallery-booth as a piece of performance art.

The fictional collector is described as Bourse de Paris employee who listens to Stockhausen and Berio and fills his apartment (including the kitchen and bedroom) with art: Giacometti, Ernst, Schwitters, Dubuffet and many other modernist giants.
Reading the Nachmad family biography one can imagine how the collector was actually known to the creators of this booth and it is this blurred line between fiction and reality that makes this installation so brilliant.

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Empire of the Bar

14/10/ 2014, 8:32 pm Nightlife 3

Although the hype the Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar is still one of Tel Aviv’s best kept secrets and surely the best cocktail bar in town. The Imperial was created last year by veteran bartenders of the city, in order to create a temple to the lost art of the cocktail.

983956_367186426737032_1330222680_n 1187027_389754904480184_841777446_n 988693_386518548137153_1476812435_n
In total 150 cocktails can be ordered at the bar and they always arrive to the perfection. The kitchen is Asian-colonial inspired, the music varies from swing jazz at happy hour to surf and rock n’ roll come latenight and the ambiance is magic.
Few days ago the Imperial won The World’s 50 Best Bars award and in the picture blow some happy Tel Avivians taking the trophy home for the Imperial.

Photos by: Tomer Yefet, Effi Tzim,Tommy Harpaz

The Latest
Skärmavbild 2014-12-21 kl. 22.46.44

Lurking – A Film by Tamuz Rachman and Jenny Birger

When Jenny Birger and Tamuz Rachman met spontaneously in Golda Park one day – Jenny practising her handstands and Tamuz

The Garçonnière’s Holiday Gift

Following a short radio silence The Garçonnière is back with some exciting news from the world of men’s fashion. Today The Garçonnière

TRES’ latest campaign and special sale

TRES’ debut collection, designed by Noa Gur, Noy Goz and Dafna Pilossof, was a hit this summer among Telavivian girls
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