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15/09/ 2014, 8:29 pm music 9

Gesaffelstein is an uncompromising techno artist,  a successful DJ with an amazing sense of style. He has worked with Tiga, Miss Kittin, ASAP Rocky and Lana Del Rey and recently produced two tracks on Yeezus, the sixth album of Kanye West.
You might have noticed him and his effortless style on the streets of Tel Aviv as he is here for a gig on Thursday night at the Duplex Club.

gesaffelsteinGesaffelstein (also know as Mike Lévy) has produced in recent years some of the most aesthetically mind blowing music videos, complementing his edgy and powerful music style.

10489761_10152183144364013_4220874215386124888_n More information about the party – check the event’s Facebook page, in the meanwhile enjoy Gesaffelstein’s world:

Gesaffelstein | Pursuit from DIVISION on Vimeo.

Gesaffelstein – Hate or Glory from Gesaffelstein on Vimeo.

Gesaffelstein – Viol from Turbo Recordings on Vimeo.

Hed Over Heels

10/09/ 2014, 5:58 am Hed Mayner, Men's Fashion 7
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New men’s fashion designer is in town, his name is Hed Mayner and he is here to introduce you to your new wardrobe.

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After graduating Jerusalem’s Betzalel academy and IFM in Paris Mayner is back in Tel Aviv with a new kind of elegance.
In a conversation with The Garçonnière Mayner points out stages of his life as reference to his style. The craft-surrounding childhood he had in Amoka valley, in the north of Israel gave him the love for creation. The move to Jerusalem introduced him to new perspectives on men’s clothing and different languages of tailoring. Paris is romantically remembered with the easy access to 80′s original fashion magazines and their influence on his work.

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The collections itself mixes classical men’s attire with notes on Israeli society -  from references to Hasidic dress code elements to army (infamous) dubon raincoats, from deconstructed trench coat to oversize bomber jackets. This intelligent collection is large (30 items) and varied and it is here to help you complete your wardrobe.

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Studio Hed Mayner 054-4778386

Pretty Boy

2/09/ 2014, 7:08 pm Amit Israeli, music, Roni Alter 7

New beautiful video clip for Israeli singer Roni Alter was just released. The clip “Pretty Boy” was directed by Amit Israeli, who also shot the young model Paul Barge in the pictures below.

Roni Alter, who is based in Paris, is in Israel now and her up coming concerts are:
Haifa – Studio theater on September 4th
Tel Aviv – Tmuna theater on September 6th.
Don’t miss it!

tumblr_n7rsczu2hV1r9poq4o1_500tumblr_n7rsitfLq11r9poq4o1_500 tumblr_n7rsdrU5e81r9poq4o1_500tumblr_n7rs63Q6po1r9poq4o1_500tumblr_n7rshaYucK1r9poq4o1_500tumblr_n7rsfhp4UK1r9poq4o1_500
Photography: Amit Israeli
Styling: Rossana Passalacqua

Tel Aviv 80′s Galore

1/09/ 2014, 7:20 pm Miri Davidovitz, Photography 11

Tel Avivian photographer Miri Davidovitz was documenting nightlife and subculture in the city’s 80′s club scene. Inspired by British fashion and magazine photography Davidovitz’s images are bold and raw, with contrasting almost blinding flashes, sometimes even out of focus.
This strong body of work, which is critical for anyone interested in the city’s cultural history, will be shown at the Eretz Israel Museum in a new exhibition titled: “Rock ‘N’ Black – Blowout in the 80′s clubs”.

The exhibition will be open to the public on September 15th, 2014.


Castro’s Orient Exspress

20/08/ 2014, 8:08 pm Castro 9

As the fashion industry is changing rapidly designers today travel often. From Istanbul to Delhi, Beijing to Porto, Hong Kong to Tel Aviv (via Paris or London) those journeys are a constant flow of influence on the glocal fashion designer.
EAST-WEST-EAST is the name of Castro‘s new collection dedicated to those constant designers’ journeys and to their inspiration. Mediterranean caftans were introduced next to short and chic kimonos, oriental carpet textures, ikat patterns all mixed up into a clean, modern and smartly elegant collection (which is sold already on Castro’s website).

קסטרו תצוגה סתיו חורף 2014-15 צילום אבי ולדמן_048_1 קסטרו תצוגה סתיו חורף 2014-15 צילום אבי ולדמן_045_1 קסטרו תצוגה סתיו חורף 2014-15 צילום אבי ולדמן_042_1 קסטרו תצוגה סתיו חורף 2014-15 צילום אבי ולדמן_039_1 קסטרו תצוגה סתיו חורף 2014-15 צילום אבי ולדמן_036_1 קסטרו תצוגה סתיו חורף 2014-15 צילום אבי ולדמן_002_1קסטרו תצוגה סתיו חורף 2014-15 צילום אבי ולדמן_066_1 קסטרו תצוגה סתיו חורף 2014-15 צילום אבי ולדמן_062_1 קסטרו תצוגה סתיו חורף 2014-15 צילום אבי ולדמן_060_1 קסטרו תצוגה סתיו חורף 2014-15 צילום אבי ולדמן_055_1 קסטרו תצוגה סתיו חורף 2014-15 צילום אבי ולדמן_054_1

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