A Marvelous Scent

by Eyal de Leeuw | 21.07.12

Ben Gorham, the nordic charmer and founder of BYREDO, the Stockholm based fragrance house, has created a new perfume dedicated to the legendary hairstylist Christiaan Houtenbos.

Dutch hairstylist Houtenbos has reached hair-stardom in the 1980’s, cutting style icons from Grace Jones to Calvin Klein. Most recently Houtenbos had his hands on the tresses of David Beckham and Marc Jacobs.

Christiaan Houtenbos and friends on Fire Island Pines, 1978

As part of the Mister Marvelous fragrance series, BYREDO created a limited edition Eau de Parfum as an homage to Christiaan’s style and personal approach to creativity. Mister Marvelous has deep notes of mandarin leaves and neroli flower crew-cut through a masculine black amber and white cedarwood base.

Ben Gorham

To this sartorial celebration Gorham adds his own take on the phenomenology of the word Marvelous: “As it rolls off the tongue, it feels quite like it means. And it has history; France’s post-revolutionary dandies called their equally exquisite ladies Les Marveileuses. Marvelous means wonderful, exquisite, and astonishing. With a bit of strangeness as well – as indicated by the old Latin mirabilis. A marvelous thing must be strange in that it must be like nothing else”.
How marvelous indeed.


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