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by Eyal de Leeuw | 05.08.12

New Italian shoe brand YOU FOOTWEAR is finding its way to international recognition, after launching an exciting Spring Summer 2013 collection combining leather shoes and trainers with wool inserts and trendy patterns as ikat and camouflage.
The Garçonnière is very happy to talk with one of the duo behind YOU FOOTWEAR, the Israeli fashion designer Alon Siman Tov, graduate of Shenkar Academy, whose last job was creative director for shoes and accessories at Levi’s Europe.
“Stylish, comfortable and environmentally conscious footwear for a cosmopolitan lifestyle” is the brand’s self definition and it fits perfectly to The Garçonnière mood. So let’s meet Alon!

Max Bosio and Alon Siman Tov


The Garçonnière: Can you tell us a bit about the creative process behind YOU FOOTWEAR?
Alon Siman Tov: Usually a new collection is born after several trips (in this case to Tokyo), much research at leather and fabric fairs, historical research of footwear and a lot of images, art, colors. After the usual routes of the choices of materials , the design of new models (in this collection in particular – the development of the two base models – interpretation of a boat shoe and an inspired version of the Runing shoe).  For us “DETAILS” are very important, as you see, the shoes are very rich in details and there is a lot of attention for “harmony” and combinations of different materials together.

The Garçonnière: What is behind the recent “Nomad Collection”?
Alon Siman Tov: “Nomad Collection” is a mix of cultures and artisan workmanship of different countries and the departure from the traditional Japanese textile and traditional indigo dye. All mixed with influences of American Indian rugs and street culture and a journey between different urban cultures, old and new, that is what is new in contemporary language.

The Garçonnière: What is it with young Israeli men and their shoes habits?
Alon Siman Tov: I think that the typical Israeli man has first of all a problem of the heat and missing of formality in the everyday life. Most of men do not give attention to what they have on their feet. With just a pair of: sandals, flip flops or sneakers. They miss the culture of classic shoes, new forms of shoes, daily maintenance and taking care of a classic shoe.

ciao YOU FOOTWEAR and let the journey begin!


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