The Mixed Bag of Gerald Murphy

by Eyal de Leeuw | 28.08.12

A line of bags dedicated for men is a rare event in this part of the world. The Garconniere was so excited to hear about the collaboration between two Israeli designers that stand behind the bags and was happy to step in and work on the shoot for the new collection.

Two weekend bags, one tote bag and one satchel bag – four bags which represent four different point of views, four different characters.
The Garconniere was invited to join a great collaboration: bags and accessories designer Daniella Lehavi who collaborated with Sketch men’s fashion designer by Yossi Katsav. Both have created a special capsule collection of four coveted men’s bags and The Garconniere was called to do the fashion shoot concept and styling.


For The Garconniere each bag represents a different character, each has its own associative world and was translated into dozens of functional, visual and symbolical items. It’s an imaginary inventory for four people The Garconniere is admiring:  An Italian eccentric architect, a Swedish perfumer, two Brooklyn-based chocolatiers and one American socialite who will open this series.


Please meet Gerald Murphy and his imaginary weekend bag.

The Mixed Bag of Gerald Murphy, Photo: Ran Golani

Mr. Murphy (March 25, 1888 – October 17, 1964) was born to a family that owned a fine leather goods (hence the leather bag!). He married Sara Sherman Wiborg, whom he met at the social world of New York in the first decade of the 20th century, and soon they became the beautiful couple of the 1920’s when they moved to Paris and to their “Villa America” in Cap d’Antibes on the Riviera (where they actually reinvented the place as a summer resort). “They loved each other, they enjoyed their own company, and they had the gift of making life enchantingly pleasurable for those who were fortunate enough to be their friends.” wrote Donald Ogden Stewart.

Sara and Gerald Murphy

Gerald was a man who invented the true meaning of the term “life style”. He adopted a casual wardrobe that became synonym with summer wear:  triped sailor jersey, espadrilles and knitted fisherman’s cap. He began to study art  and, along with Sara, helped paint scenery for Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes. Soon he became a painter, a pop artist before Pop Art existed.  Calvin Tomkins, who wrote a long article for The New Yorker about the Murphys, ”Living Well Is the Best Revenge,” later published it in book form (Gerald liked the article but not the title: he had never wanted revenge on anyone, he said.) Gerald died in 1964, Sara 11 years later.

Gerald Murphy, Razor, 1924. Oil on canvas

Gerald’s bag consist of beach accessories, smart summer travel magazines, aesop travel set, and our favorite swiss cigarettes, Parisienne.



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