The Mixed Bag of Carlo Mollino

by Eyal de Leeuw | 01.09.12

Carlo Mollino is an inspiring and enigmatic 20th century renaissance gentleman. Known for his furniture design Mollino was also inventor, car designer, architect, photographer, race car driver, pilot and passionate skier.

Carlo Mollino

Unlike his famous Italian peers (‪Achille Castiglioni‬, ‪Franco Albini‬, ‪Giò Ponti‬) Mollino mostly chose seclusion in his mystery castle. Next to his dignified job as a professor of architecture at the University of Turin, Mollino’s biggest obsessions were taking Polaroids of girlfriends and prostitutes, and exploring ancient mysticism, particularly admiring the architects of Egyptian pyramids.

Enigma & Style

The extent of his obsession (and talent) was discovered after his death in the form of some 1,300 Polaroid portraits of women. In addition a world record price for a piece of 20th Century Furniture was set in June 2005, when a piece designed by Mollino was auctioned by Christie’s New York for almost 4 million dollar.

Self portrait as a stunt flyer

The Garconniere imagines Mr. Mollino’s tote bag containing 032c magazine’s recent issue, black leather ACNE shoes, a photograph of August Sander, an old Gem Flex camera, “Treatise on Elegant Living” by Honore de Balzac, Hedi Slimane’s book (ppaper special 03) and more. Click on the next picture for a closer look at the the bag and its imaginary items.

The Mixed Bag of Carlo Mollino, Photo: Ran Golani

The Mixed Bag of Carlo Mollino is part of a series of photos conceived by The Garconniere for the capsule collection of bags and accessories designed by both Daniella Lehavi and Sketch’s Yossi Katsav.

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