The Mixed Bag of the Mast Brothers

by Eyal de Leeuw | 12.09.12

There is a Hebrew song that tells the story of a chocolate factory close to Tel Aviv that ends with  “You can stand there and smell chocolate.  That’s how The Garconniere imagines Mast Brother‘s little place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The eatery refereed to them as one of the chocolate/sail boats/fancy hand-printed candy wrappers/the Brooklyn artisanal food movement/dudes with beards, but behind the cliche stand great chocolate (especially the Sea Salt one) and two style icons.

[vimeo 13664547 653 370]

Why Mast brothers? Because their style is bigger than their beard or their button down shirts. It’s more about doing what you love and working hard to make your dream comes true.

That’s why we threw Chocolate cubes vest from Sketch, 2 CDG perfumes, (one for each brother), a paper weight from John Derian, Chocolate from Rococo in london, Tamar’ Mogendorffadorable bison, our favorite Austrian Coffee (Julius Meinl) and “WAR IS OVER ” postcard. Yes, even the imaginary bag hears the drums.

The Mixed Bag of Mast Brothers is part of a series of photos conceived by The Garconniere for the capsule collection of bags and accessories designed by both Daniella Lehavi and Sketch’s Yossi Katsav.

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