Prada In Films

by Eyal de Leeuw | 21.09.12

Next summer’s women collection by Prada was shown yesterday and will most probably be talked about for a while. The Garconniere however, wants to talk about Prada’s beautiful men’s video, featuring the current autumn/winter collection.
Directed by Swedish talent Axel Lindahl the short film STUCK was shot at a Blue Lagoon, near the small Swedish village of Munsö. A perfect setting for the collection worn by Clement Chabernaud.

Clement Chabernaud appears also in the new retro-futuristic Prada lookbook film. Set within a dystopian society of machines and jagged geometries, genetically perfected clones roam digital colonies. Each scene depicts an antiquated landscape within a galaxy of well dressed characters. The future looks sharp and elegant.


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