Guest Post – Charles Before Sandy

by Eyal de Leeuw | 02.11.12

The stylish friends of The Garconniere N&D are reporting from Cambridge about the famous annual rowing race that took place just a week before Sandy. Next to a sportive occasion the race is of course a finest showcase of American preppy style.
Thank you guys and come visit soon!

Only a week before Hurricane Sandy shut off the entire East Coast, Cambridge (MA) hosted the 47th “Head of the Charles Regatta” – an annual rowing race that draws some of the nation’s best college teams.
The two-day event, the biggest of its kind worldwide, attracts around 300,000 spectators. The most anticipated matches are, as always, the ones between the teams of Harvard and Yale.

Rowing enthusiasts and competitors stood along the sunny banks of Charles river and atop its cross bridges, displaying autumn’s finest leisure and sports gear.

Just behind them, elitist food trucks sold oysters, lobster rolls and New England clam chowder. Classic menswear brands, such as Brooks Brothers, issued limited edition celebratory garments which were hard to resist.
All best from Cambridge!


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  1. 01 Robert

    A friend who follows your blog notified me that my (rather unphotogenic) face was on your on it. I think that you managed to find the only two men at the Head of the Charles who happened to be wearing jackets! (that’s me in the bow-tie).

    You captured some very evocative scenes of the Regatta and Cambridge. Of course, if you want to photograph some *really* stylish fellows, you should visit Henley next July for *their* Regatta.


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