Glitter In The City

by Eyal de Leeuw | 06.11.12

If there is one thing Bryan Boy is all about it’s his genuine, smart and always fresh personal style.
Spending few days with the wunder-kind of the fashion world in Tel Aviv one could always hear him describing his immaculate personal style and how it reflects his personality. (Bryan Boy was a guest of Kinetis along side 4 more influential bloggers).

In his numerous interviews and chit chats in Tel Aviv (including instagram’s mega-exposure) Bryan declared very clearly his fashion’s beliefs: “Be personal with your style” was the motive, “the whole thing about dressing up is that you play a character, every day a different character”. If there is something The Garçonnière agrees with all fashionistas is that style is all about reinventing oneself, the freedom to be who you want to be.

*All photos above by Noa Magger

The Garçonnière was happy to meet Bryan Boy and to see him enjoys Tel Aviv so much. Before saying a big omg goodbye! the fresh images from The Coveteur filled us with the all the details of the bigger story, about the boy and his life & style.


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