The End of VHJ

by Eyal de Leeuw | 21.11.12

As we are busy ceasing the fire, on the other side of the world one of The Garçonnière’s favorite magazin is coming to an end. With all the discussion about the end of print the situation of the niche magazine, especially the men style magazine is quite well. That’s why it was a shock when Vogue Hommes Japan’s fashion director Nicola Formichetti announced (on his twitter/instagram/tumblr pages) the end of the publication. “I loved the issues we made together. “Each issue was a chance to collaborate with the best creatives in the world. Our goal was to push the boundaries of fashion and oh boy did we take it there!”.

Formichetti launched the magazine in September 2008 and collaborated with some of fashion’s biggest names to create a publication that truly pushed men’s fashion into a new artistic direction, perspective and creation. “In the digital world” Formichetti added “I still love making magazine. It makes me happy to know that my next venture in publishing will be with my VOGUE HOMMES JAPAN team, Shun Watanabe & Junsuke Yamasaki”.
While waiting for the wunder-kind’s next print endeavor we remember some of the magazine’s best covers.


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