Haines Prada Palazzo

by Eyal de Leeuw | 21.12.12

Richard Haines is one of the most accomplished fashion illustrators working today, always adding another dimension to fashion especially when it come to men’s fashion.
For Fall Winter 2012 Haines was commissioned by Prada for a multi-platform project, titled “Il Palazzo” featuring the current collection and its inspirations.

Prada describes “Il Palazzo” as a “series of diverse interventions featuring the work of renowned fashion illustrator, Richard Haines communing hand-made artistry and cutting edge technology, across both physical and virtual worlds”.
Only making those tees was the end result of a long, intricate creative process. First Haines made a book of sketches of Prada’s autumn/winter 2012 menswear collection. He drew those sketches over existing prints to “create random meanings and associations.” Then Prada published a 500 copy run of a book featuring 150 of Haines’ sketches. And now they’re on these t-shirts  and yes – the iPad app is on its way.

The project will unfold in stages and The Garconniere is promising to follow and update.



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  1. 01 Kierra james

    nice t-shirt want to buy one for my brother on his birthday.


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