Paris Diaries, Part 1

by Eyal de Leeuw | 20.01.13

The snow that started to fall this week, covering the city in white was the perfect mise en scene to Winter 2013-14 collections in Paris. Explorers, warriors, sci-fi pilots and strong men ruled the runways, along with excessive facial hair or long haired wigs, broader shoulders (the power suits of the 80’s look small and boxy compare to the huge rounds ones that were showing so far), and a lot of black, white and more black for next winter.

Y Project

Y Project by Yohan Serfaty kicked off fashion week, showing a beautiful presentation of men in dark suits sitting in an arrow shape position. Caps, leathers jacktes and dark clothing covered the models, with minimalist music the followed their steps outside the space.

Walter Van Beirendonck's fun suits

“Shut Your Eyes to See” was Walter Van Beirendonck‘s title for his collection that was full of colors, frills and fun. Unlike the austere serious tone that dominated most of the collections, his was fun to watch, with humor and easy spirit that most other designers lacked. Check out his suits – beautifully constructed, with some decoration that made it “happy suits”, masculinity that doesn’t fear being light headed.

Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake

From a different angle, Issey Miyake brought back space age to the current menswear. Models wearing plastic rain coats, gold and silver caps and coats and beautiful silver blue clothes were his winter message to the world.



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