Westwood Story

by Eyal de Leeuw | 30.01.13

Exclusively on The Garçonnière – When Berlin-based talented photographer Boris Kralj was preparing a shoot for the bi annual magazine THE NEW ORDER – a crisis happened that turned the limitation into a perfect story:
“I was open to photograph for the magazine what I liked” says Boris, “since I am a big fan of Vivienne Westwood, I decided to make a shooting only with her clothes. Only the shoes were stylist’s own”.
Both Boris and the Italian stylist Alessandra Coico had to deal with an unfashionable Force majeure – a freezing snow storm in London that delayed the latest Westwood collection from arriving in Berlin on time. In an instant decision the team decided to make a vintage Westwood shooting which took place in a tacky furniture store in Berlin which sells fake baroque and trashy venetian furniture. The result is poignant and witty, connecting high and low culture, mixing aesthetics, London, Berlin and Italian styles.

Photographer – Boris Kralj
Stylist – Alessandra Coico
Hair and make up – Tricila Le Hanne
Model – Ramon
The editorial can be seen in the printed version in March issue of THE NEW ORDER.


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