It’s Getting Hot in Here

by Eyal de Leeuw | 19.02.13

Summer is almost here, at least according to two Israeli brands that showed their new collection and campaigns, using nudity and homo erotic images.

Sketch, Photos by Ron Kedmi

Sketch, the relatively new brand designed by Yossi Katzav, showed its spring summer collection in the The Rothschild boutique hotel. The collection was inspired by David Hockney, his nude images and paintings, emphasising on Katzav’s sense of materials, smart tailoring and cruise-look clothes. While The Garconniere was dreaming about his imaginary beach house in California, the clothes looked like a local interpretation of cool summer dressing in the middle east: relaxed shirts and trousers, pastel colors and tailored items that  looked effortless but smart. The suede shirt and hoodies were the key items that showed more courage and gave the collection its strong fashionable statement.

Sketch, Photos by Ron Kedmi

Meanwhile, Renuar, the local fast fashion chain, sent yesterday a viral video introducing their new 5 pocket jeans starring Oz Zehavi, the hot Israeli actor (“Yossi“) in a sexy shirtless scenes. The video was directed by Nimrod Peled, and the music is by the duo The Hybrid Lavas.

Pink washing? Summer in the Middle East? dress up, or dress down.



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