Post Desert Shoes

by Eyal de Leeuw | 06.03.13

What do Clarcks, United Nude and Ugg (yes, Ugg’s first appearance on The Garçonnière) have in common?
The answer is a combined of leather, laces and rubber soles – the desert boot has never left the city. Coming collections of those 3 brands have an interesting, some unique some similar, take on the tradition.

First is the Dutch brand United Nude (that luckily opens its Tel Aviv first store in a week!) presenting their famous architectural line in the basic colors –

The Australian brand Ugg is surprising us with a very clean chukka style boots –

And finally the classic brand Clarks presents Spring/Summer 2013 which comprised of the Tanner and Traxter models (and very much resembles their classic desert boots) –


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