Pope Culture

by Eyal de Leeuw | 16.03.13

Jorge Mario Bergogli who becomes Pope Francis, the new Pope from Buenos Aires, is a good excuse to view ecclesiastical dress for men and its influence on new designers and the modern men dress.

The traditional dress of Roman Catholic priests has its origins in Roman dress and its prime functions were to draw a difference between the priest and society and to cover the wearer’s physical or sexual presence by the concealment of the body.

Galliano for Dior haute couture automs winter 2000-2001

Givenchy Spring-Summer 2013


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  1. 01 Liron Ohana

    מסתיר את הנוכחות המינית? מה זה לא ברור שמה שמסתירים רק נהיה עוד יותר סקסי? חייבת לסדר לחבר שלי כזאת אחת


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