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by Eyal de Leeuw | 15.04.13

The Garconniere, who has mixed feelings about Israel 65th independence day, is looking back at the country early years, trying to see why men’s fashion here is such a complicated matter.

Reading Anat Helman’s book, “Fashioning a Young State, Dress Culture in Israel of the 1950’s“, The Garconniere stumble upon a great read from an old magazine (“La-Gever” = For Men), an article from 1954 titled “Is There Men’s Fashion in Israel?” – with some highlights that can explain why men dress here is doing its first steps.

“I like my way of dressing: comfortable, beautiful, practical. It suits every occasion and it’s not expensive. It reflects the simple healthy life I want to live. The Dandies in Tel Aviv want to imitate their beloved actors from the movies. Their elegant clothes reflects their emptiness – and don’t make the man”.




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