Dandy Dardel

by Eyal de Leeuw | 15.05.13

The beautiful painting above, titled “The Dying Dandy”, was painted by 1918 by Swedish painter Nils von Dardel. It is always a pleasure to discover an artist who depicted so vividly the style of men in his era, an artist who lived himself a rather self-destructive-dandy-hectic life.

Self-portrait, 1923, watercolour

Working mainly in Paris during the first half of the 20’s century Dardel was influenced by many of the era’s modernist genres, although he is known as a figurative and realistic painter. Obsessed with the the human figure Dardel painted many of his colleagues and fellow artists and The Garçonnière can only enjoy thi dive into early 20th century European style.

David Sprengel, 1918, watercolour

Hjalmar Bergman, 1924, watercolour

Columbus’ egg, 1924, watercolour

More images can be found on the Familie Dardel website.


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