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by Eyal de Leeuw | 25.05.13

Givenchy is releasing (exclusively through new images of the Pre-Spring 2014 collection titled “Favelas 74″, reassuring  Riccardo Tisci use of his primal motives: Floral, Fire, and Camouflage (photos above and below from

But before spring’14 – winter’s 2013 campaign is out and next to Carine Roitfeld, styling herself and her daughter, Tisci points out at striking Spanish actor Quim Gutiérrez as a leading men face of the upcoming campaign.

Shot by Mert & Marcus with styling by Katy England.

“Men in favelas are more natural and more confident about their sexuality,” Tisci explains to “They are not scared to mix and match clothing. They represent sensuality, street, and elegance—what I recognize as elegance. I love the fact that they play with opposite things like flowers (which represent peace and serenity) and camouflage (which represents the army), but all interpreted in a very colorful and positive way.”



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