No Loose Edges (Part 4): The Future is Now

by Eyal de Leeuw | 12.10.13

The Future is Now

Guest Post by Asaf T.

(Edited by Liran Ben-Ami)

Through the Casa de Musica, Koolhaas expresses another message – “the Future is Now”. One needs only a quick glimpse at the Casa in order to be reminded of the Sand Crawler vehicle in George Lucas’s “Star Wars”. Lucas and his colleagues defined the character of the future on the screen, developing the vision of a generation in relation to the seemingly faraway future. And although we are presently not all flying through outer-space as “2001: A Space Odyssey” suggests we should, the aesthetics imagined back in the 80s are now here: The precursor to Hedi Slimane’s “Skinny” is Han Solo’s carefully chosen get-up as a futuristic gun-for-hire space cowboy; we were made ready for the iPhone and the upcoming iTouch by Star Trek accessories, and for their zoom-in/zoom-out pinch maneuver by Speilberg’s “Minority Report”; the Imperial Death Star has just remerged – once again by an OMA project – as the Dubai RAK proposal (call the Jedis!!); and of course the forefather of the “heart-felt” dims of the apple-lamp on the MacBooks is the peaceful futuristic heart of E.T.

This line which Slimane, Jobs, and Koolhaas represent is an Echo to that magnificent silence of the endlessness of Outer Space – which we remember from those sci-fi adventures – the skies and the stars above, the small spaceship sailing thru it. It has something to do with the existential focus allowed while surfing the web on a Macbook, headphones on our heads, a general reduction of “noise” allowing us to understand the future which has arrived.

Of course due to the web and the seeding of information, the mutual influences in the realm of design are easy to figure. The spirit of the times has truly created an “International Style”, not by decree of any curator or by a book detailing “how to design” a- la-Corbusier, but through a natural and genuine need for quietness, a border to the overflowing Real, which may open that same border to imagine and create the forming future.

We are a generation in search of the suspense within the whole, something that has to do with the capability for control and restraint. It is with pride to share this moment in the world of design, that first of all does not belong to a specific designer, but is general in character, intelligent, and free of any loose edges.



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