Where the Wild Thinks Are

by Eyal de Leeuw | 31.10.13

Thinking about Halloween, the Garçonnière comtemplates on the nature of man, how bizzare he is and what makes him a man and not an animal. Charles Fréger‘s “Wilder Men” book throws some more thoughts to the pile.


In his project, he went to find traditional ceremonies in 18 European countries where “wild man” costtumes are used:  black hoods, face paint and other materieals helped men to look like bears, yaks, or aliens, exaggerating the male form and making the distinction between men and animlas blurred even more.


“This project was to show that Europe is also very tribal,” he said. “These rituals are really connected to the same type of traditions in Africa and Asia or anywhere in the world. It’s just to say we didn’t really lose our pagan rituals and we have this in common with a lot of civilizations.”



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