His Name Is Paul Smith

by Eyal de Leeuw | 22.11.13

“Hello, My Name Is Paul Smith” is a new exhibition in Design Museum London dedicated to the work, life and the creative process of designer Paul Smith.

The exhibition just opened last week and The Garçonnière’s London’s representative (see picture below…) was in the opening party to send us some images.
The visitors to the exhibition enter through a room that simulates Smith’s tiny first shop in Nottingham. Then they experience the recreation of Smith’s current Covent Garden design studio, an hotel room in Paris where he sold his first collection and many other stations in his professional career and personal life.  Welcome to the world of PS:

ps5 ps4 ps3 ps2
And this is The Garçonnière London friend, the charming Noa Schwartz, presenting two young & unknown British designers…



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