Sadness: A User’s Manual

by Eyal de Leeuw | 08.12.13

Sad days for The Garçonnière team, as they lost an inspirational friend, designer Daniella Lehavi, who passed away last Friday.
We are left with sweet memories and some images from a project we did last summer – with her son and The Garçonnière friend – Ori Lehavi, to celebrate the launch of  the brand’s men’s collection.

Looking back, the setting is also a trubute to Daniella’s aesthetic. Beside her renown functionality approach to design, she was a true aesthete: her love for beautiful objects, her interest in art and photography ; her constant curiosity to everything; And her optimistic view that good design and good art can make life better; Her constant smile that will forever follow us.
4 different bags, 4 different men and 1 big loving memory.




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