The Year of Great Beauty

by Eyal de Leeuw | 02.01.14

The anxiety about getting older, a classic post-new-year’s-eve syndrome, is also the story of Signore Gambardella, the most elegant man in Rome.
Gambardella is the main character of The Great Beauty (La grande bellezza) Paolo Sorrentino’s new film. The film once again shows Sorrentino’s excessive style and promises us new aesthetic pleasures for the coming year.
Actor Toni Servillo, Sorrentino’s long-term collaborator, plays Gambardella, an aging successful writer and art journalist who turned 65 and observes the extravagant nightclubs, parties, and cafés in Rome in a bittersweet sight.

Toni-Servillo-La-grande-bellezza-foto-di-Gianni-FioritoSignore Gambardella suits were all made specifically for the film by Naples’ tailoring firm Caesar Attolini. For more information about the costumes design process – read the company’s proud post top-beauty-is-made-in-naples.




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