The Artist’s Wardrobe

by Eyal de Leeuw | 15.01.14

First day of Paris fashion week and Raf Simons is back to be rough, radical and different. Presenting his own brand’s autumn-winter 2014 collection, Simons collaborated (yet again) with American artist Sterling Ruby. Adding to Simons’ strict modernist/activist approach Sterling Ruby brought some  great color compositions, stunning collages, patchworks and textual elements. Both ‘fathers’ of this 9 years’ collaborative friendship should be proud of their new creation which has, as Simons told Tim Blanks after the show: “nothing connected to anything that is now”.

raf-simons-ruby-sterling-fw14_fy44 raf-simons-ruby-sterling-fw14_fy42 raf-simons-ruby-sterling-fw14_fy38 raf-simons-ruby-sterling-fw14_fy37 raf-simons-ruby-sterling-fw14_fy30 raf-simons-ruby-sterling-fw14_fy28 raf-simons-ruby-sterling-fw14_fy27 raf-simons-ruby-sterling-fw14_fy21 raf-simons-ruby-sterling-fw14_fy19 raf-simons-ruby-sterling-fw14_fy15 raf-simons-ruby-sterling-fw14_fy13 raf-simons-ruby-sterling-fw14_fy10 raf-simons-ruby-sterling-fw14_fy7


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