Zucker’s Blade Runner

by Eyal de Leeuw | 10.06.14

“Getting lost in your own city is the hardest thing to do” says designer Hadas Zucker who chose two years to pack her talent and move to Shanghai. “As new comer to Shanghai I’m privileged to be lost in the chaotic, alienated, futuristic city though still magically held back in time”.

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Her perception of the city and its energy is overwhelmingly visible in her new creation for Blackgateone, a cutting-edge menswear based in Shanghai.

Zucker’s approach as the brand’s creative director was to create a complex fusion of forward thinking and apocalypse-chic elements with user-friendly aesthetics. The Shanghai’s man according to Zucker is a global, dark and elegant dandy, with clothes that are provoking and redefining the wearer persona.

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Check also Zucker’s other venture, as together with her sister Einav they are launching their new (but not their first) women’s fashion brand –  Zucker.
The Garçonnière will keep update about Blackgateone‘s future developments. This is video of the collections mentioned above, presented recently in Shanghai fashion week.


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