This is a Man’s Man’s Hat

by Eyal de Leeuw | 08.11.14


It is always refreshing to meet a new designer who creates fashion in high level and traditional techniques while not forgetting the men’s needs. Meet designer Yael Cohen, a graduate of the Design & Art in HIT, who blends in her work design, art & fashion. Her interest in millinery has brought her to create Justine Studio where all hats are hand crafted in the old art of traditional hat making.

BASIN POLYGON-web HARRY BLUE-web HARRY GREY-webJEN_4755-webCan you describe your design process?
My design process starts with a focus on shape where I try to break out from known constraints and iconic shapes i.e. fedora hats, visor caps & wool hats. I then add in various raw materials I work with – felts in combination with knitted wool or leather, cotton printed with my designs.
From the current collection Yael highlights the smart Grace Rain Hat – a water resistant hat that can be crumpled into a bag. This rain hat is made from Taybek (a lightweight hybrid material combining textile and paper) printed with a knit-like matt grey design.

JEN_3004-web JEN_3008-web What is it about men’s fashion that make you keep making hats for us?
I find the territory of men’s millinery fashion very challenging due to two main reasons: first – low supply of men’s hats globally as milliners prefers women’s hat fashion that has a much larger demand and has more design options. Second – from a design outlook men’s hats are traditional & old fashioned.



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