Kingsman: From Costume to Collection

by Eyal de Leeuw | 15.01.15

Fashion and film are going a long way back as we all know, but this relationship came to a certain peak last night with the London’s premiere of “Kingsman: The Secret Service“, the new title by director Matthew Vaughn.

The Secret Service KSS_JB_D01_00109.tifThe costumes for the film were made by the award winning costume designer Arianne Phillips and with the collaboration the online retailer Mr. Porter.
The film tells the story of young thief, played by the Welsh actor Taron Egerton, who is recruited to “Kingsman”, an international intelligence agency operating out of a Savile Row tailor’s shop.

Colin Firth plays a veteran (dapper) agent who takes the young kid under his wings and shows him the essence of style for a (British) spy.

The costumes of this film consist of a 60-piece collection, full of Savile Row-inspired tailoring and luxe collaborations with British brands, to be sold exclusively on Mr. Porter.


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