Islands In The Stream

by Eyal de Leeuw | 01.02.15

Under the shadow of a great tree, inside the city’s new sport’s hall, Castro presented today its 2015 summer collection. The brand’s designers continue to successfully translate current trends in menswear to local Tel Avivian looks, while keeping a self reflective eye, fusing local Mediterranean rhythm, flavors, sounds and attitude.

The nonchalant resort chic was evident throughout the collection, combining elegant resort style with natural fabrics such as silk and linen. The collection was rich with visual textures and included several denim looks and some interpretations of classic utility clothes.

The soundtrack for the show was performed live by singer Dikla , who created the perfect set for the collection. Click to the video below and listen to the rhythm as you browse the collection:

And remember: it’s time to plan the next vacation.

Castro_Runway_Collection_s15_photo_by_Avi_Valdman_m1   Castro_Runway_Collection_s15_photo_by_Avi_Valdman_m2Castro_Runway_Collection_s15_photo_by_Avi_Valdman_m11   Castro_Runway_Collection_s15_photo_by_Avi_Valdman_m27   Castro_Runway_Collection_s15_photo_by_Avi_Valdman_m29Castro_Runway_Collection_s15_photo_by_Avi_Valdman_m25Castro_Runway_Collection_s15_photo_by_Avi_Valdman_m37Castro_Runway_Collection_s15_photo_by_Avi_Valdman_m53 Castro_Runway_Collection_s15_photo_by_Avi_Valdman_m38 Castro_Runway_Collection_s15_photo_by_Avi_Valdman_m40Castro_Runway_Collection_s15_photo_by_Avi_Valdman_m45 Castro_Runway_Collection_s15_photo_by_Avi_Valdman_m42 Castro_Runway_Collection_s15_photo_by_Avi_Valdman_m43  Castro_Runway_Collection_s15_photo_by_Avi_Valdman_m46 Castro_Runway_Collection_s15_photo_by_Avi_Valdman_m50 Castro_Runway_Collection_s15_photo_by_Avi_Valdman_m52Castro_Runway_Collection_s15_photo_by_Avi_Valdman_m59


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