by Eyal de Leeuw | 07.02.15

Accomplished Tel Avivian publisher-editor Avia Ben David has always managed to challenge mainstream media, even when being part of it. Now she takes her niche cultural online magazine Primadona, defying popular assumptions about the  death of print, and publishing Primadona’s first issue –  an intelligent print work with a refreshing look on contemporary masculinity.

The Garçonnière has asked Ben David about her thoughts concerning Israeli men and this is her answer:

“CLICHES – Confucius said that without sensitivity and respect there is no difference between humans and animals. In the same breath one can refer to Lana Turner’s words that A gentleman is simply a patient wolf. The Israeli mentality is exaggerating proportionately the status of men, sanctifying contradicting values such as bravery and courage on one hand and socialistic prudence on the other.
This mentality manifests with a nonchalant attire that helps you blend in, much before normcore was a trend. The Israeli man is a collection of melancholic contradictions, who is waiting to be released from the chains of the militaristic patriarchal apparatus and to express other things that mostly non-hetero-normative people can express.”

You can find the magazine in various bookstores around the city.
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