A Beautiful Mind

by Eyal de Leeuw | 06.09.15

Sweet talkinA doctor by profession, a Neuroscience graduate, a past film editor and an illustrator by heart – meet Johnathan Reiner, one of the most interesting artists showing in Tel Aviv’s Illustration week.
Reiner will show at the Periscop Gallery some of his recent work and offer a fantastic trip down an unconscious mind, shapes, colours and many cultural references.


Hi Johnathan, can you tell us a bit about your technique? How do you work?
The works exhibited in the exhibition are all limited editions hand-pulled screen prints which I have printed over the past few years. My creative process is similar to that of a collage and often involves the mixed use of photographic details with graphic patterns, textures and shapes. What I love about screen printing is that it starts off with me sitting in front of the computer developing my idea and composing my image but then requires the opposite process of decomposing the image into its colour layers and moving away from the digital realm into that of the workshop. That is  where things become quite physical and old school – playing around with photo emulsion, exposure units, squeegees, screens, print beds and ink to compose once again the image.
How do you think your biography influences your work? Can you glue together West Coast, Jerusalem, London and Tel Aviv in your work?
I grew up in a creative household with a mom as a surreal artist. Wherever we would move to, her studio was always there providing a safe haven to escape, create and express. Since I was very young I have memories of hanging around galleries, museums and book shops taking inspirations from the old masters to the kings of pop art. I guess Every place I lived in had influenced me and it all ended up mixing together.

Bunny & Clown

How does Tel Aviv effect your work?
Not quite sure yet as I just moved here after 13 years away. I guess it’s going to add some bold warm colours, rugged textures and a bit of an oriental vibe.

The boy and the sea

How does being a Neuroscience doctor add to the quality of your work?
I always had the vision of combining both sides of my interests and passions, though I am yet to find out how exactly. For now each aspect of my daily life balances the other. Being a doctor provides an intellectual stimulus and a sense of fulfillment, art allows me to connect to a different, deeper part of myself, a meditative, energizing, very personal and flowing place (at the risk of sounding a bit spiritual).

What’s your next project?
Got a few ideas on the run. Am thinking of continuing portraiture combined with graphic details. Been working on an illustrated book on the heart but for now probably focusing on parenthood and settling in tel aviv :).

   Artemis  Adam & Eve  Leah Maui

Illustration week is organized, curated, visioned by fellow Tel Avivian Yuval Saar. It takes place during September 3-12, with the support of Tel Aviv municipality and WIX, which created the handsome and extensive event website, detailing all events and exhibitions.


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