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by Eyal de Leeuw | 17.09.15

Once upon a season‪ comes an art piece ‬that manages to capture the very essence of the chaotic world we live in‫.‬

Africa – Gilad Kahana’s new song, accompanied by the beautiful animated video by Serial Keslasi‫,‬ is the ultimate zeitgeist. Local and global, political and cultural, urban and social – this video is a gate and a mirror to our world today.

This weekend Kahana is launching his new album through a multi disciplinary event in ‘Bet Romano’, where he presents the album’s 17 songs through 17 rooms where more than 50 fellow artists are participating.

Just a few hours before the launch I managed to speak with the master of the ceremony about his ambitious new piece.

Hi Gilad, why Africa?
Africa because there are so many things happening in our lives here at the same time. Africa because I have this growing feeling that we are actually a third world country but our culture is still patronizing it. Africa where everything started. The man kind. The bit. And if you listen closely to the song there are so many drums and percussion and bit.
What is your Africa in Tel Aviv?
Poverty and happiness, pessimism and optimism, being a master and a slave. I am always drawn to this gentle dance between distraction and creation, between libido and death, romantic to idealist. I am in love with this city. Of course. My criticism is born out of love to the city. That’s why the scenes in the end are both distraction and creation. Something new will be born out of any apocalypse.
So what will happen during the launch weekend?
Instead of having a special concert celebrating the album I decided to create this platform. 17 songs, 17 rooms, more than 50 artists are involved with the goal to recreate the magic of creation. To touch those unique stages of the album’s work. Explosions of magic moments. Through film, dance, video art, performance, poetry, calligraphy, print, textile, jewelry – a three days inspiration orgy!

September 17-18-19
Bet Romano.

All details – HERE





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