The Urban Cleansing

by Eyal de Leeuw | 07.10.15

Photo by Maayan Benartzi

After the long period of the Jewish holidays, the endless events, dinners and parties, it is time to clean up the system.
The balance between leading a hedonistic lifestyle in a city like Tel Aviv and being nutritionally conscious – is the essence of URBAN SHAMAN, a business established on October 2014 by Udi Sahar. Luckily for us, Udi has agreed to share some of his tips to healthy living in this post-holiday period and how to survive our ridiculously hyper-life.

Photo by Maayan Benartzi

Hi Udi, how are you?
Feeling amazing, honored to be featured on Telavivian!

What is your vision to healthy living?
An ideal urban “healthaterian” lifestyle should include a stress-free environment. Of course, complete serenity is difficult to achieve in a city like Tel Aviv with its constant hustle and bustle, and that is exactly what makes stress reliving activities mandatory on a daily basis. For example, practicing meditation daily, any mind body movement meditations (such as yoga, tai chi, chi-gong) 3-4 times a week, physical exercise such as running or swimming 3-4 time a week, and choosing cycling around the city as our main means of transportation.
Nutrition wise, I advocate for a balanced, predominantly organic, plant based, gluten-free diet for most people, preferably home-made by us or our loved ones. The act of eating should be a social one; it is important to share our meals with friends, family and lovers.

Photo by Maayan Benartzi

How did you get to Urban Shamanism?
I graduated from the Naturopathy and Clinical Herbalism program in Broshim Campus for alternative medicine in Tel Aviv University over 2 years ago. During my clinical internship year I worked with plenty of patients and realized that most people fear of changing their habits. Implementing those nutritional recommendations sometimes requirers extreme alterations to our urban, fast-paced lifestyle. What finally coalesced my business vision was spending almost a year in California, where I was inspired to make the healthy lifestyle accessible by providing the detox programs and meal plans directly to clients with an easy to follow set of instructions to make feasible incremental lifestyle changes.

Photo by Maayan Benartzi

So, what is your best advice on how to combine healthy lifestyle with our extreme urban conditions?
You have to prioritize your decisions, and take a stand by creating as clean and healthy environment as possible within the given circumstances of urban life. Choosing to buy mostly organic produce, cooking our own meals, being physically active, limiting our drinking nights per week, getting enough sleep, keeping hydrated with clean water  – all of these are a great start…

Photo by Amit Ofek

What’s next on your agenda?
Conducting research and keeping abreast with new discoveries and principles around healthy living is not going to be enough when trying to cater to our generation. I believe the key to really enforcing any lifestyle change is making it blend into your everyday schedule in a harmonious flow. Furthermore, I wish to encourage people to seek the healer within themselves so they become their own Urban Shaman, sensing what kind of plant based “medicine” will be most suitable for their needs.


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