Flowers Are Manly

by Eyal de Leeuw | 12.02.16


What is it with men, beards and flowers that contemporary culture is so obsessed with? We asked this question to Jonathan Keren, founder of the local lifestyle brand Maapilim and the initiator of the #flowersaremanly exhibition, to be opened on Sunday February 14th, at Kuli Alma.

What’s the story behind this exhibition?

The idea behind #flowersaremanly was to show a range of manly figures, in vulnerable and personal situations connected to flowers or plants. We hope that these images will ignite a spark in whoever is looking at the photo, telling them: it’s ok to be who you are. It’s also very much about being yourself, that’s why we stayed away from the passing trend of flowers in beards and wanted to create timeless images.


Are Israeli men ready for this gentle revolution?

Israeli men are still very conservative and are afraid to be considered feminine. Part of what we’re trying to say is that modern Israeli men deserve a great alternative to mass market products, and that it’s really ok to spoil yourself. The concept of men interacting with flowers actually came from our beard oil. When we started concocting the oils, we wanted to use 100% natural ingredients, so everything in our products is made of flowers, fruits or plants.


How did you choose the bearded models?
Each of the subjects in the photos was chosen very carefully and in balance to the other photos. We wanted to show a very wide range of manliness and a wide range of emotion. In every picture we try to tell a story that’s true and personal about the subject in the photo. If you take Assaf Granit for example, who’s one of the most manly men I know, and is nicknamed Buffalo – we really wanted to show the softer side of his tough personality. When you see someone like Granit showing off a gentle side, it inspires you to be genuine to all of your qualities.


We are very much inspired by the Slow Movement. The reason we started Maapilim was to create a platform in which we can manifest various skills and interests that we have. #flowersaremanly is the first example of this and we are very excited to see what will come next.










Exhibition opens on Valentine’s Day (March 14th) at 21:00 at Kuli Alma (Mikve Israel 10) and will be showing every evening until March 20th between 21:00 to 1:30. Minimum entrance age is 24.

Concept & Production by Maapilim. Read more about Maapilim by Telavivian here.
Photos by Liron Erel
Flower arrangements by Fiori
Hair & Beard styling by Barberia
Space by Kuli Gallery
Clothes by Story
Facebook event is available here.


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