Shelter Of Scent

by Eyal de Leeuw | 24.03.16

A celebration for Tel Avivian noses – a new boutique dedicated to niche fragrances has just been opened on the chicest Shabazi Street in the Neve Tzedek neighborhood.

Telavivian recently sat down to talk with Guy Schestowitz, the brain and nose behind the new boutique Individual – Cabinet de Parfums.


Hi Guy, can you explain what the idea is behind this new boutique?

The idea was to bring a new option for those who like a distinct smell, and to expose this trend (the niche fragrances trend), which has been around for quite some time to Israelis. We know that today consumers are looking for unique, artisanal products.

We wanted to create a different shopping experience which does not exist in our market and to provide an excellent and professional service. Along with Dan Alexander, we worked on the branding and concept while concentrating on 3 key elements: self, smell and wonderland. Individual Cabinet de Parfums was born also from the design aspect; along with top architect Orly Shrem, we managed to deliver a clean and modern environment.

How did you choose the brands?

It was very challenging to choose the brands for the boutique as there are so many niche brands out there. Our key goal was to find brands that complete each other rather than compete with each other.

The biggest challenge was choosing brands that we believe will sustain and exist in the future, as many brands won’t survive in this competitive market.

בוטיק אינדיבידואל צילום יחצ (37)

How do you define Tel Avivians perfumery habits?

Tel Avivians perfumery habits are slightly different than the Israeli perfumery Habits. Tel Avivians are more open to trying new things. They look for a unique, signature scent which will be long lasting, of course. They are more open to an edgy and sensual scent.

How do you plan to educate Tel Avivians about the niche fragrance market?

We are planning to have many workshops and special events in our store around the different aspects of niche perfumery. The staff will be able to match any individual his or hers’ unique scent and will guide them through a journey of raw materials from all over the world. We know that Tel Avivians travels a lot, they are exposed to worldwide trends and different cultures and we believe that it is a perfect match.

How were you exposed to the niche fragrance market?

I was first exposed to niche fragrances while studying in Milan 6 years ago, and it completely got me! Italy is by far the most advanced market when it comes to niche perfumes (excluding the gulf countries, of course). Italy has over 800 perfumeries selling niche perfumes.

בוטיק אינדיבידואל צילום יחצ (19)

What is the smell you are wearing right now?

I’m wearing Succus by Liquid Imaginaires; one of the most unique scents I have ever smelled. It is strong and very unique and it lasts the entire day.

Which method do you recommend to use by niche-fragrance-beginners?

I think that as a first step, it is important for one to learn what is his preferred family of scents (florals, woody, oriental etc.). Following that I think that creating your own mix is amazing, it is easy to do and you cant imagine how good some of these mixes are.

As a brand I think that Frapin is an easy one to begin with (mostly for men) and Terry de Gunzberg is the easiest one for women, even though all of our fragrances are unisex.

IMG-20160324-WA0004 (1)

Individual Cabinet de Parfums, 40 Shabazi St. Tel Aviv, 03-528-6403.


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