The Rebirth of Ata

by Eyal de Leeuw | 15.04.16


The story of the Ata fashion brand goes back to Tel Aviv in 1930s when it was founded and quickly became one of the most important textile company in Israel, dedicated to workwear clothing. This week, after the more than 30 years that it has been closed, the brand has been revived, opening its first renewed store in the heart of the city.


The brand was founded in 1934 by the Moller family, Jewish industrialists from Czechoslovakia, combining economic pragmatism, liberal Zionism and social enlightenment. Throughout the decades the story of the company reflects the evolution of the Israeli state from a welfare society to a capitalistic market place. ata2

The current revival was enabled by businessman Shahar Segal, who visitedthe successful exhibition “ATA – Factory, Fashion and Dream” in the Eretz Israel Museum in 2011 and decided to remake the brand.

5 years after the exhibition and with the creative direction of designer Yael Shenberger, the mythological brand is coming back to our lives with a collection that references key items from the original workwear, with additional contemporary adaptations (such as bigger pockets for our mobile phones).


The famous Ata triangle logo is now dedicated to the city, its people and their cloths and we can only hope that this time Ata is here to stay.

אתא- קיץ 16 צילום דודי חסון גופיה 90 שח שורט 190 שח

אתא- קיץ 16 צילום דודי חסון ז'קט 420 שח חולצה 50 שח מכנסיים 250 שח

אתא- קיץ 16 צילום דודי חסון חולצה ארוכה 190 שח מכנסיים 320 שח

אתא- קיץ 16 צילום דודי חסון טי שירט 80 שח מכנסיים 250 שח

אתא- קיץ 16 צילום דודי חסון מכנסיים 220 שח חולצה 160 שח

Photo credit: Dudi Hasson
Ata Wear
 , 93 Allenby street, Tel Aviv.


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