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by Eyal de Leeuw | 31.08.16
טל שטר ל'באמוס סקוור'3

Tal Stern

We are already used to seeing fashion illustration as part of our visual culture, but a new exhibition that will open next week puts the spotlight on men’s fashion lines. The exhibition, titled The Men’s Closet  will be part of Tel Aviv’s annual illustration week.

אלירן נרגסי1

Eliran Nargassi

Telavivian spoke with Efi Ellisi, the exhibition curator about The Men’s Closet and the participating designers.

Hi Efi, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Efi Ellisi, 50 years old, founder of  EFIFO Magazine. I lived in New York for many years, worked and hanged out in the circles of David LaChapelle, Nan Goldin and others. When I came back to Tel Aviv, I worked as an art director for various magazines until 2 years ago when I launched EFIFO.

דורון אשכנזי2

Doron Ashkenazi

Why are you curating an exhibition about men’s fashion illustration?

My magazine deals mainly with men’s fashion and when I was contacted by Tel Aviv’s illustration week I reached out to leading designers and asked them to present special work for the exhibition.

יוסי קצב- סקצ'1

Yossi Katzav

What do you like about the genre of fashion illustration?

I learned painting very early in my life. I was always attracted drawing illustrations and creating photography. I am very interested in observing the creation of clothes from a very early stage. Fashion illustration is an amazing tool to investigate the origin of design.

ירון מינקובסקי

Yaron Minkowski

Can you tell a bit about the process of curating the show?

First I contacted the designers and they were all very enthusiastic. It’s a first of its kinds show in Tel Aviv and i’m very proud of it. The work with the designers was very inspiring and i’m very happy with the results.


Castro Men

מוני מדניק3

Moni Mednik

ליאת זרמון3

Liat Zarman

The Men’s Closet  the exhibition will open on September 15th at Presler Museum, 54 Wolfson St. Tel Aviv as part of Illustration Week.


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