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by Eyal de Leeuw | 22.01.17

MOO&AR is a busy Tel Avivian creative studio, working mainly on branding, art direction and web design. During the recent holiday season, when some of their international clients rested,  the studio’s founders Keren Arnaldes and Moshe Moograbi found themselves doing what they used to do so many times and loved so much: a new, fresh independent magazine. Featuring new works by Israeli artists—video, stills and sound—the new magazine will be launched at the end of January under the ubiquitous title Milk and Honey.


Telavivian sat down with Keren Arnaldes to ask her a few questions about the up coming publication:

Hi Keren, how come you decided to go back and launch a new magazine?

Milk and Honey is really a result of our desire for a clear mind and a new look.  We want new images and are also always on the lookout for honest and truthful stories in an exhausted, transfixed era.

Dudy Dayan dudy dayan

What is the meaning of the title of the magazine?

Milk and Honey’s definition is “an imaginary or real land of abundance, particularly the land of Israel”. We find this explanation fits the spirit of our new project.

Guy Kushi & Yariv Fein  guy kushi & yariv fein 1

What is the connecting line between all the works in this issue?

Every issue will have its own theme and title, the first issue is Innocence.

More than 30 artists, both established and up and coming ones, will be featured in the first issue of Milk and Honey.

Michal Chelbin michal chelbin

David Havrony david havrony

Tom Kneller

tom kneller copy

Dudi Hassondudi hasson

Gigi Ben Artzi gigi ben artzi copy

Marat Beltser

marat beltser

Guy Kushi & Yariv Feinguy kushi & yariv fein


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