Guttman’s Amazing Grace

by Eyal de Leeuw | 12.03.17

בר 51 אלון אבוטבול

Amos Guttman is a legendary Tel Avivian filmmaker who passed away in 1993, leaving behind a cinematic legacy that is still influencing a young generation of filmmakers. Guttman himself was part of group of young Israeli directors who called for quality films at the expense of commercial cinema, and many of his films are focus on LGBT issues; creating a rich and stylish cinematic language.

1 צלם יוני המנחם

Guttman’s niece, fashion designer Maureen Friedman, has decided this year to launch a new series of cultural events dedicated to Guttman’s memory, titled Amos Salon.

While talking with Telavivian, Friedman mentions that the style of Tel Aviv in the 80’s and 90’s has had a major influence on the series—”Tel Aviv during this period, as it was captured by Amos’ camera, was a whole world of broken realities, a realm full of colorful, eccentric and opinionated charterers. Amos depicted this world of otherness and individuality through a visually rich and highly sensitive new reality”.

איגי וקסמן וישי גולן צלם יוני המנחם

The first night of Salon Amos will be dedicated to the 25 years celebration of Guttman’s masterpiece Amazing Grace (1992). The Ozen Bar in Tel Aviv will transform for one night into a scene from Guttman’s film, creating an homage to the atmosphere of legendary 80’s locations (Bar 51, Elizabeth) that were present in Guttman’s films. Next to the screening of Amazing Grace there will be a special performance of another icon from that era, Hamuchtar.

סמדר קלצ'ינסקי מחזיקה את התמונה - בר 51

“In the future” says Friedman “we plan further Amos Salon events. We are not interested in perpetuation but in creating a discourse dedicated to the topics Amos was mostly concerned with: LGBT rights, alienation in our society, cultural freedom and more. We will involve many artists from various disciplines to strengthen the understanding of those values, next to new readings of Amos’ work, in the Israeli cultural field.”


The first event, organized by Friedman and Eran Even, will take place on 19.3, and to celebrate Guttman’s touching visual language, Friedman shared with us some very unique images— “you can find here interesting pictures I found in my grandmother’s attic. Old contacts of the set in Bar 51 for which we don’t know who the photographer was, and images from Amazing Grace taken by Yoni Hamenachem.”

עדה ואלרי טל בר 51 סצנת ריקוד עדה ואלרי טל בר 51 עמוס על סט בר 51


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