Isadora’s Fire

by Eyal de Leeuw | 27.04.17

Isadora is a new Tel Avivian band blending together dreamy, electropop tunes with uncompromising style and charisma.


The new video of their first single “Let it Burn” is just out—a stunning visual trip directed by Michael Moshonov and Lael Utnik. We talked to the trio about the alliance between sound and image, their inspiration and the need to dance the pain away.

Who are the people of Isadora?
Hi Telavivian readers, we are Isadora Kaufman (vocals, songwriting, composition), Dotan Moshanov  (composition, keyboards, music production), and Yaron Goren (drums, composition).

How did you meet?
Yaron and Dotan met while studying in the music academy in Jerusalem, and later worked together in the band “Kitzu”. Later on, Isadora and Yaron met trough a mutual friend and started working on her songs. Yaron invited Dotan to one of their rehearsals—and by the end of that day, the band Isadora was born.

isad3SWhat kind of music do you make?
We play immersive, addictive, danceable pop songs that talk about pain and the intimacy that you dare to share with yourself and other people. We believe that the best outlet for any negative emotion is to dance it away, we aspire to reach a wide range of people that can dance with us.

Music has the power to become a soundtrack for life. We hope to accompany our beloved fans through significant moments in their lives—whether they are dancing at a party or in front of the mirror, lying in bed or walking down the street.

Who/what are your influences?
We are influenced by a wide spectrum of artists and musical styles, from current dance and electronic music to classical compositions.


How do you see the video and your style complete the music?
We believe that in this current era, visuals play a strong role in the world of music, since we imagine our single “let it burn” to be a bright and colourful song. Our directors Michael Moshonov and Lael Utnik created a magical world that combines powerful colours, nature and urban landscapes, fire and flowers. But most of all, the video combines a painful and beautiful love story.

What’s next for Isadora?
We are planning to release our next single “Leave me” very soon! It will combine a stunning live video with VJ art by the artist Yoav David. Stay tuned! | Facebook | Instagram: @isadora_music_band

Photography by Merav Ben Loulou.


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