Holy Work

by Eyal de Leeuw | 17.12.17

These days, collaborations are the creative fuel of the fashion industry, and when done well, both participating parties receive added value from such an alliance. This week, Holyland Civilians – a fresh and rebellious local Tel Avivan streetwear brand—will launch its capsule collection for Ata—the legendary workwear fashion brand, established in 1934 and recently revived under the creative leadership of Yael Shenberger.

The collection is based on workwear attire with natural materials, prints of busy ants on pants and sweatshirts and a severe working class hero attitude. The collection, which will launch on Friday, November 17th, will be sold exclusively at Ata stores and on Holyland Civilians’ website.

We started our conversation with Anat and Dor from Holyland Civilians by asking – why ants?
Ants are true workers, just like us. One ant is maybe small but they cooperate, and together they have amazing power. They work hard and stay humble.
What can you tell us about this collaboration?
For smaller brands it is very hard to succeed in the saturated fashion industry. The collaboration with Ata helps both brands maximize their options and expanding our mutual markets.
How did your collaboration with Ata develop?
We love Ata – it is a brand with amazing history, very much identified with where we live and work. There are many other values we share – from the color scale to materials. We wanted to add some sportswear elements to the workwear attire, with contemporary cuts.

Launch of collection, Friday November 17th at the Ata store on 93 Allenby St. (with 15% discount on the whole collection).

Photography: Dudi Hasson
Make up: Nirit Hirschmann


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