Coupling in Style

by Eyal de Leeuw | 08.04.18

Zucker Studio has always been very forward thinking in their design methodology and marketing concepts. Now the Zuckers are launching a new gender-free capsule collection and some of Tel Avivian’s favorite faces are leading the campaign.
We sat down to talk with Einav Zucker about the new collection and how couples today are mixing their wardrobes.

Hi Einav, can you tell us about this unique collection?
The core value of Zucker is searching for the essence elements of one’s wardrobe.
Moreover, in our methodology of design, we takes a look at the core components of one’s life style and wellbeing. In that sense, you don’t need much, just the very basic, quality “ingredients” that can bring joy to your life, appearance and holistic existence.

What was your inspiration for this collection?
Meaningful relationship you form with your love ones, is one of the most important aspects of happiness. There is nothing more meaningful than being able to share stuff you have with people you love, to form solidarity and unity. That was the main inspiration source that drove us to design this gender-free capsule collection. However, we came across this idea quite coincidently, when my husband was trying my jeans on- and voila! the fit, color, and comfort perfectly suited him- he actually started stealing my jeans ever so often, then I realized that there is a space to design a wider selection that would enable couples to share their wardrobe.

Which items can we find in the collection?
The capsule collection composed of the very real basic needs of both male and female in urban, busy lifestyle. High quality “boyfriend fit” elastic denim in charcoal and true blue that doesn’t compromise on comfort and look, and two essential T’s with refined stitching details from linen in solid white and grey tone stripes.

In a gender-fluid era how do you design for men / women?
Whenever we design, we think of the person behind it, we look at our partners, friends and family – we imagine scenarios, we observe their life and see that today, there is no much difference between the roles they are taking – they both want to have minimal but high quality items, comfortable fit and the ability to feel attractive and equipped for either work or leisure activities. No hassle, no drama, no special maintenance – just authentic existence and freedom.

How and why did you choose this (very) creative couple?
We chose Nurit and David as personas that really enhance a modern, creative couple. We knew Nurit from our previous brand, Rhus Ovata, in which we worked together on designing its visual identity and have always shared our creative view and brand vision. We are still friends and love the work she is doing in her design studio – Koniak design. David is a generous, smart, talented architect and together they live life driven by great love for aesthetics, design and harmony centered around mutually inspiring each other. They also raise a young family, which is always challenging for a young creative entrepreneurial couple. Through a unique synergy they compliment each other and really form a role model of what great partnership, by all means, is.

When is the collection out and where can we buy it?
The collection is launched these days, which is the beginning of spring. You can buy it online through our e-commerce platform and in a secret pop up event that will take place very soon.

During the campaign period all collection is offered with 10% to our readers in the online store with the code: genderfree.

Photos by Michael Topyol


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