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by Eyal de Leeuw | 17.04.18

Filmmaker Katya Bourindine is a graduate of Photographic Communications at the Hadassah Academic College and her recent fashion film “UNO SENSE”, a stunning visual journey through cloths, nature and cinema, has been recently selected to the Bucharest Fashion Film Festival.

Hi Katya, thanks for taing the time talk with Tel Avivian. Can you tell me a little bit about the creation of “Uno Sense”?
The idea for the film came from a meeting I had with the choreographer Van Chriqui, who came to Israel after working in the fashion industry in Paris. Quickly we connected and found mutual love for certain aesthetic, music and movement.
We wanted to create something fresh in the fashion photography world and it was very important to have a strong visual experience for the audience. The challenge was to come up with a universal story without being focused on a specific location, make the viewer activate his or her mind, trying to understand what is happening in the story.

Can you tell us what is “Uno Sense” about?
The film “Uno Sense” is a story about a child that was born with a significant role in a mysterious sect. The story follows the child’s life in a speaking day, reveals the ambivalence of being a child with such a heavy role on his shoulders, so protected, sacred and loved – but paying the price of solitude and isolation.

How did you create the styling in the film?
After we were clear in our mind about the story, the location and the ambiance – only then we choose the designers. Both Eliran Nargassi and KuroVero designs are guided by very strict aesthetic, great attention to details and symmetric lines.
I must say that fashion in the film is presence but not dominant in the narrative of the film. It was very important for us the choose the right styling for the various characters you see in the film.


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