The Desert of Maskit

by Eyal de Leeuw | 10.05.18

Maskit fashion house has teamed up with the talented photographer Eyal Nevo to bring an original artistic dimension to their newest collection. Following the collection’s fabrics and textures Nevo has created a series of photographs and a beautiful fashion film, titled Mount Sodom.

We met with Nevo to discuss his work with Maskit, a brand with a strong connection to desert landscape, known for its iconic desert coat.

Hi Eyal, thanks for taking the time to talk with Telavivian. Can you tell us about the inspiration for the fashion film you have created?
My inspiration comes from many thoughts, ideas, emotions, sites and images. All part of my imagination and inner world for a long time.

Why did you choose to connect the desert to this collection?
Maskit and the desert’s views and atmosphere go together, since its origin. It was only natural.  To be more specific – the myth of Sodom, it was important for me, the way it relates to our current social and political state. This unique landscape of Sodom mountain and its surrounding. I added to this some Freudian theories, my affection to women behind, Antonioni, Pazolini, Carl Jung, Donald Trump, and “simple dance” by “Inbal” dance group.

How was your work with the dancers?
I love working with dancers. For aesthetic reasons as well as personal and professional ones. They are devoted, passionate and talented.

Can you tell us about the music you choose for the film? How is it connected to the story?
The literal meaning of “La Traviata” is: “The Woman Who Strayed” or “The Fallen One”. I loved it.  But regardless to that – I just felt this the right music for this video – powerful, emotional, but in a way, gives it a kind of humorist and lighter side. One of the most significant aspects of this process for me, was allowing myself freedom from many things and in many ways.



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