Decoding Israeli Fashion

by Eyal de Leeuw | 14.06.18

The recent renaissance of  current Israeli fashion industry, described well by Sahar Shalev in previews post, has long roots and tradition as a new exhibition, opened this week in The Israel Museum, is trying to prove.
The exhibition, initiated and co-curated by Tamara Yovel-Jones is titled: “Fashion Statements – Decoding Israeli Dress” and the curators took upon themselves the never easy task of summarizing 70 years of Israeli fashion in a 900 square meter exhibition.

It is the first time that The Israel Museum is opening its doors and dedicating an exhibition to the Israeli fashion industry. Too little too late perhaps – but after almost 2 years in the making the new exhibition is offering an interesting glimpse into the main movements and narratives that shape Israeli fashion today.

All iconic items are presented juxtaposed to some contemporary interpretations. The opening scene of the exhibition is presenting how designers are inspired by the Israeli sun, colors and textures, the 50’s Maskit Desert Coat, next to the new work of Sharon Tal, who is now the head designers at Maskit.

The famous Palestinian keffiyeh that was an inspiration for a collection in 1968 by Roji Ben Yosef (as a gesture for co-existence or a colonialist act) and now been reinvented by threeasfour, Dorit Bar Or and many others.

Also in the exhibition – great installation of  local work-wear evolution – from ATA (back in the days until today under the creative leadership of Yael Shenbrerg) to young designers such as Holyland Civilians, Maya Bash, Roni Bar, Tali Kushnir and Muslin Brothers, who give their fresh interpretations to the local work-wear.

Next to the socialist movement there is a moving installation presenting the bourgeoisie episode of the industry here, depicting high-end pieces from Gideon Oberson to Vivi Baleish and Alon Livne.

Last room in the exhibition refers the visitors to the variety of designers working today in the local scene, from young graduate of Shenkar fashion academy to Alber Elbaz and to those who are exploring niche categories as sustainable fashion, technological innovation and fashion-art experiments.

Photos by: Laura Lachman and Eli Posner


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