The Resort Man

by Eyal de Leeuw | 22.09.18

Barak Nachmani is a professional surfer, a retail innovator and a Tel Avivian returning to his hometown after long global adventures. He moved to California in 2006 to fulfill his surfing dreams, but quickly started working at Conair, a multi-billion corporation. He managed one of their largest retail accounts and in one point also moved to Shenzhen, China, for 3 years. When he got back to the US he started developing his unique brand rəˈzôrt/ – where he merges his passion for travel with his marketing skills, and love for the planet. rəˈzôrt/ is both an online platform and a pop up venue that Barak took to great global destinations such as Tulum, Tokyo, Ibiza, Mykonos and others. We sat down with Barak to talk about his new permanent venue at The Jaffa Hotel, to discuss Tel Aviv as a resort destination and his ideas about the future of retail.

Hi Barak, can you describe for us what is the spirit of rəˈzôrt/?
Sure – rəˈzôrt/ collaborates with selected artists, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs from around the world to create hand-picked collections that celebrate life and incite wanderlust. We prefer to celebrate artists, artisans, and their unique contributions to the world. Our lust for discovery inspires us to give back. To showcase only brands with strong community values and vendors with high quality standards and the utmost respect for their patrons.
Our goal is to erase borders. To help you establish connections with diverse cultures around the world. To bring back the sense of community that the anonymity of online shopping almost destroyed. Our goal is to tell the stories that need to be told. To be more than a place to shop.

How do you find TLV compare to other beach-side, resort destinations?
I’ve lived in Los Angeles by the beach for 11 years and during my career in consumer goods fashion, I got to travel a lot.  I actually think TLV is one of the leading cities in beach culture.

What did you do before the Jaffa location?
Before opening rəˈzôrt/ in Jaffa, I’ve focused my energy on Pop Up stores in different parts of the world such as LA, New York, Tulum, Tokyo, Ibiza and Mykonos, these are locations that are still on our radar for Pop Up events. The idea of rezort is to create exposure to our online with offline shopping experiences.

What made you open permanent Rezort in the city and in this location?
Opening our first brick and mortar in Jaffa was quite sententious. After a pretty successful Pop Event around the Jaffa Flea Market during the last Passover, we were approached by RFR group (The company who built The Jaffa Hotel) to be the first luxury store neighbor of the new hotel. I felt that this is a great idea for rəˈzôrt/ to be in contact with such a large group and decided to take the opportunity. This location still helps us connect with new artists and designers from Israel and around the world. We will be updating the store every 45-60 days and host different artists and designers. This will actually help us test items before they go on rəˈzôrt/ Online Marketplace.

rəˈzôrt/ – 4 Louis Pasteur st. Tel Aviv Jaffa

All pictures by Elisheva Revah


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