The Reflection Collection

by Eyal de Leeuw | 22.11.18

Danielle Weinberg is a local designer, practicing both a very cool design studio next to a fashion label called SORRY. Recently she was invited (with her design studio) to participate in the London Design Biannual, taking place at the Somerset house. For the installation in London Weinberg chose to bring with her bureaucratic nightmare: bills, invoices, tax papers – a pile of documents we all file under the title: repression.

Using her graphic design tools she deconstructed bills, envelopes and other papers, creating special grids, typography and graphs, isloating numbers, barcodes and textures, piling up our elements of life called: data. This data, our personal day to day summary of information, was translated into graphic elements that were embedded in her new unisex collection, The Reflection Collection, continuing SORRY geometric street wear language.

The collection can be found now at SORRY new pop up store at 39 Shenkin st. and at the online store.
All photos by Zohar Shitrit.


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